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Reforestation is a delicate matter and necessary for the environment, as well as the future generations to come. What you take out of the land, you must put back - and, that is exactly what is happening in Panama's new reforestation program.


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The administration of the Panama Canal (ACP) announced on Friday that it has begun a reforestation program covering 83 hectares in the province of... Continue Reading

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Vineyard poles, the experts choice leading up to harvest time in September this year, it is well documented that Wooden Vineyard posts make for better wine.

Advantages of Wooden Vineyard Poles

Cape Town features some of the most beautiful scenic landscapes dotted with vineyards and wooden trellises. There are a multitude of natural advantages breathe history and reason into these wonderful wine landscapes.

Wood is a biodegradable material making it... Continue Reading

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Has community forestry in Central Africa been successful?

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New research from CIFOR and FAO shows that participatory methods such as community forestry have received mixed reviews ? and mixed success ? in Central Africa. Forest management agents in the region are ambivalent about the effectiveness of the participatory method. Some feel that participatory management has the potential to contribute... Continue Reading

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The Cambodian government has listed five new forests covering an area of approximately 950,000 hectares in the country?s protected areas.

Prey long forest in Northern Cambodia covers approximately 3,600 km2 and contains seven distinct ecosystems. Prey Long Forest is home to over 20 endangered plant species as well as 27 endangered animal species. (source:

Krati?? Province is located northeast of Cambodia and boarders Stung Treng which are both protected... Continue Reading

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Scientists have made a ?large first step in efforts to tackle ash dieback by identifying the first UK tree with very high tolerance to the disease.

Chalara ash dieback, which could kill millions of ash trees, was first identified in the UK in 2012, and experts fear it could have the same devastating impact on the country''s woodlands and landscape as Dutch elm disease did in the 1970s.

But a... Continue Reading

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Planting forests to help the drought

The drought crisis in Africa is at an all time high with rising temperatures affecting agricultural land across the continent. Forests store about 2.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and help mitigate climate change. It thus makes sense that, planting forests can help drought-stricken regions by using forests to influence rainfall patterns.

Source: trees take water from the soil and release it into the... Continue Reading

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Continuing the 40 weird and wonderful facts about trees and wood. Here's another 20 facts to enjoy.

Softwoods don?t have vessels like harder woods. Their cells are open, and are used to feed water and bring nutrients to the tree. Because softwoods take wood finishes so well, they were responsible for the pine furniture boom of the early 80?s to late 90?s. Trees trap 50% of all the sun?s energy caught by living organisms. All wood is biodegradable. Wet wood, unlike dry wood, can... Continue Reading
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We at R&B Timbers recommend this list of 40 weird and wonderful facts uncovered about trees and wood that may well surprise you.

Wood is all around us - so much so that few 'see' the wood anymore to appreciate it's history. Here are some fun and interesting facts for you to read and enjoy.

Wood is made up of a combination of living, dying, and dead cells. The world?s shortest tree is the dwarf willow, which lives in northerly and Arctic Tundra regions and rarely grows... Continue Reading
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Action2020?s 9 Key areas of focus for a sustainable future is more than a project, it is a step towards the future of sustainability for all.

"Based on the latest scientific consensus, Action2020 sets an agenda for business to take action on sustainable development to 2020 and beyond. It?s a platform for how business can positively influence environmental and social trends while strengthening their own resilience to issues... Continue Reading

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Wooden Utility Poles, also known as transmission poles, support overhead power lines and various other public utilities, such as cable, fibre optic cable, and related equipment such as transformers and street lights. It can be referred to as a transmission pole, telephone pole, telecommunication pole, power pole, hydro pole, telegraph pole, or telegraph post, depending on its application. The power poles in your neighbourhood range in height from 30? to 60? tall. Big ones that you may see... Continue Reading