World Forestry Congress 2015

by Website Administrator on June 02, 2015

World Hardwood would like to remind you about the XIV World Forestry Congress that will be taking place later this year.

Timber, fuelwood, building poles, medicinal plants and edible fruit types are some of the resources sourced from the forests. Moreover, forests are known for playing a vital role in the provision of ecosystem services while also being responsible for mitigating the effects of the global phenomenon, climate change. On the one hand, climate change and climatic variabilities have an effect on forests in terms of pests, diseases and fires. Like in many other parts of the world, South Africa?s forests are still threatened by human-induced activities such as mining, developments, unsustainable harvesting of forest produce and wildfires. The XIV World Forestry Congress is set in preparation to be held for the first time on African soil since its inception in 1926, at the ICC in Durban this year, from the 7th of September through to the 11th of September 2015. A new secretary general has also been appointed who will be heading the up the DAFF team in an effort to secure the smooth running of the event. In 2015 the Congress will be a key occasion for the world's foresters and forest supporters to gather, to share their expertise and experience, and to project a new vision for the future. This XIV Congress will be crucial as the world will be entering a new development era with the adoption of the post? 2015 sustainable development goals. The Congress will be the first global forestry event after this, and it can therefore play a pivotal role in helping to define a sustainable roadmap.

For more information about XIV WFC, as well as the costs related to attending the event, please click here